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Meet the best Real Estate team in Pulaski, TN

Founded in 2019, Bass & Ingram Realty aspires to provide extraordinary value in every real estate transaction- from small to large.

Each transaction we make is specific to the goals of the client. For buyers, we will discuss your ideal property and will find listings tailored to these wants and needs. For sellers, we complete a market analysis of your property in order to make sure the property is priced right. At our first meeting, our agents will share with you the process of buying or selling a property so that you understand the many working parts to getting a deal closed. We are always available to answer any questions and make sure that the process is as seamless and worry free as possible. We look forward to working with you to accomplish you dream real estate goals.

The Agent Advantage

Social media and “For Sale by Owner” real estate websites have attempted to downplay the importance of having a trusted, seasoned real estate professional in modern real estate transactions. These avenues seem easy to use and result in lower commission rates paid by the seller. However, most of the leg work of the transaction is left to the individual. Without guidance, crucial mistakes in pricing, contracts, zoning, inspections, and more may occur. This can result in a decrease in the profit for the seller or higher costs to the buyer. Why wouldn’t you trust the most important purchase or sell of your life to a professional?

Bass & Ingram Realty wants to be your professional agent! We have over 50 years combined experience between our agents. Below is a list of the important tasks that we will perform for your tailored transaction:


• Initial meeting to discuss property wish list 

• Agent assembles group of properties which meet criteria 

• Agent schedules showings of properties and accompanies the buyer to each location 

• Discusses selected property with buyer to create a initial price offer to seller 

• Facilitates negotiation 

• Produces all necessary paperwork 

• Assists with financing 

• Transfers documents to the mortgage broker and title company 

• Accompanies you to the closing 


• Compiles a Comparative Market Analysis and discusses fair price point 

• Lists property on MLS, major websites, and local magazines 

• Places signs on the property 

• Assists in showing property to potential buyers 

• Facilitates negotiations and contract revisions 

• Schedules any necessary inspections 

• Accompanies you to the closing